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Win-Beauty Hydro-Gel Facial Mask
Win-Beauty Hydro-Gel Facial Mask
Discover the secret to luminous skin in just 5 days!
The WinBeauty Hydro-Gel Mask is made from a natural Sago hydro-gel. Sago is derived from the Sago Palm which is grown in the wild without any input or pesticides. It is exclusively sourced from a Natural plantation in Sarawak, East Malaysia.
Strong medical research over the past decade has proven that the Sago Palm has anti-oxidative, anti-ageing and anti-bacterial properties. By harnessing these natural properties the WinBeauty Hydro-Gel Mask is the 1st of its kind, backed by strong Medical research this is a patent product developed by researchers from Malaysia and Japan.
The mask is free from preservatives, alcohol and fragrances which can irritate or cause discomfort to the skin. This multipurpose hydro-gel mask provides the skin with anti-oxidant protection, as well as boosting your moisture levels instantly! It’s cool and refreshing formula, coupled with powerful bio-cleansing abilities, removes dead skin cells, and leaves the skin feeling smooth and supple with a vibrant glow.
Why use WinBeauty Hydro-Gel Mask?
Skin pores are frequently clogged with dirt and oil. It needs moisture, nutrients, antioxidants and good blood circulation to be healthy youthful and radiant. The WinBeauty Hydro-Gel mask is suitable for many different skin types.
· Blemish acne prone and blackhead skin.
· Scarred and uneven skin tones.
· Enlarged Pores.
· Aging and sagging skin.
· Dry and Dull skin.
· Sunburn and sun damaged skin.
So what are the benefits of using the WinBeauty Hydro-Gel Mask?
Bio Cleansing
· Unclogs dirt and excess oil from the pores.
· Clears dead skin cells and dirt to reveal radiant complexion.
· Transfers rich antioxidants to improve the skin protective barrier.
· Enables even distribution of skin sebum to protect and brighten the complexion.
· Helps to minimise the appearance of pore size.
· Helps to moisturise the skin.
· Soothes and refreshes the skin.
· Helps to improve blood circulation.
· Regenerating for a healthier skin.
Directions for use
1. Remove mask from the foil and disclose the two parts of the mask
2. Remove eyes and mouth piece from the mask, and peeling off the transparent backing film.
3. Place the lower part of the mask first, followed by the upper part of the mask. Remove and discard the mask after 45mins.
4. Optional to apply the non-woven cloth over the mask to provide support and better contact to the skin.
5. Adjust accordingly and leave on for at least 45 minutes.
Recommended Usage
It is recommended for first time users that 1 mask per day is used continuously for 5 days; and thereafter, 1 to 2 masks per week for optimum and continuing results. This can be adjusted accordingly to suit the condition of your skin.
Frequently asked questions
1. How is your treatment different from other masks?
            WinBeauty Hydro-gel Facial Mask is the only mask in the world hydrogel mask that can be used throughout the night for acne treatment as well as physical healing.
2. How many treatments will I need?
            For acne skin user
            In the course of acne treatment, please use one piece every day until acnes are completely eliminated. A full acne treatment may use about 10 to 20 pieces of hydro-gel facial mask depending solely on individual face condition. For maintenance, use mask once or twice a week
            For normal usage
            It is recommended to use 1 piece per day for 5 consecutive days, and thereafter 1 to 2 pieces for maintenance or adjust accordingly to the condition of one face.
3. How long does each treatment take?
            Normal usage and maintenance: 45 minutes
4. How do I store this product?
            WinBeauty Hydro-gel Facial Mask is best kept at room temperature. No refrigerating is required.
5. Where can I buy WinBeauty? How much?
            You can purchase WinBeauty from our head office in Bella Vista and may arrange to pick the product up in one of our Service Centers or have it delivered to you with an added shipping fee depending on your region. One box of WinBeauty contains a twin Pack containing 10 pieces. First purchase price $125AUD and $110AUD for a repeat order.
Aqua (Water), Metroxylon Sago (Essence from the Sago Palm), Water-soluble polymer and cellulose (Derived from plant matter).


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